London Calling, And The World Answers: The Use of Punk Rock Around the World


Spiky hair, ripped jeans, facial piercings, and a bad attitude. That minor description will put into mind an entire musical genre and the associated culture that arose with it. The general consensus is that, while influences are still very prevalent in modern rock music, the purest form of punk rock died in the 80s. The anti-establishment themes became lost as the genre gained popularity, becoming a contradiction.  How does one fight the majority when the very music being created to do so is mass produced and distributed? And so punk rock music died, at least as the version Western culture knew it.. However, the genre has become very popular in areas across the world where the youth are looking to fight against authoritative ideologies and governments. In order to find out how the punk rock music genre has been used by the global community to fight authority, we must explore the origins of punk music within the United Kingdom. Then, we can examine how the genre has been used in different countries and communities around the globe. It is also important to examine the nature of this subversive music’s prevalence in countries it did not originate in and if it constitutes as cultural imperialism.

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