Bibbity Bobbity Bigot: Addressing the Rumors of Walt Disney’s Anti-Semitism


One would be hard pressed to find someone who cannot identify that iconic signature belonging to one of the world’s most influential men in the entertainment industry. Walt Disney has grown from a singular man into an entire corporation with its own values and even its own city. With any figure of such importance, rumors and myths begin to form around them. For Disney, some range from the inspiring, like the story told in the recent film Saving Mr. Banks (Hancock 2013), to the strange, like the rumor of his being cryogenically frozen. One of the darkest rumors surrounding Disney is the accusations of anti-Semitism. The perception of Walt Disney has been affected by the rumors surrounding his prejudices. His work depicting incredibly stereotypical representations of race becomes evidence for those believing him to be bigoted; but the personal accounts of some of his workers as well as his association with the anti-communist and anti-Semitic group, the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals are more likely the source of the myth.

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